About BB-Lightconcepts

BB-Lightconcepts offers a solution for innovative, energy saving lighting.

BB-Lightconcepts is a company which uses low-energy LED Technology and durable materials in an innovative manner. This is translated into practical products which illuminate the society. Lightpipes® are extremely suitable for shopping centres, office buildings, sports- and factoryhalls, parking garages, tunnels, etc.

One knows BB-Lightconcepts particularly of the Lightpipe® equipped with a Metal Halide light source. Because of he rapid development of LED's, the Lightpipe® is now equipped with 4 pieces of 18W LED modules, which shine under the same principle as the Metal Halide lamp in the polycarbonate tube. The clear polycarbonate tube is lined with an optical film, making the light exit on a large surface area, and produces a high uniformity and low glare. While the appearance has remained virtually unchanged, the 100 lm/W LED's are more efficient, more economical and faster switchable as the MH lightsource. Furtermore the LED's have 5-100% dimmability. Because of the many advantages of the LED Lightpipe® BB-Lightconcepts decided that from the 1st of January 2011 the Metal Halide Lightpipe® will no longer be manufactured.

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