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About Botto Giuseppe e Figli S.P. A.

Life is so often hanging by a thread. Over the centuries this subtle element has been the inspiration for so many stories, both legendary, like the story of Ariadne and Penelope, and real, like the story of Lanificio Botto Giuseppe & Figli. The mill’s story is a lexicon that uses words from other times to define the world of today and tell of the success of a great family passion handed down over the decades. The tie that binds the past generations to the future ones is precisely that, a thread, protagonist so subtle and yet determined as to become the symbol of an Italian firm specialised in the production of fabrics, jerseys, yarns for knitwear, needlework, weaving and accessories that fuse tradition and innovation.

In the province of Biella, Giuseppe Botto, nicknamed “Pin” by his family, was the one who started it all back in 1876 by founding the homonymous mill in Valle Mosso, now in its one-hundred and fortieth year. Competence, skill and research merge in a collection that interprets the times through the certainty of an authentic, inimitable heritage. In the awareness that preserving tradition also means looking to the future, from a whirlwind of transversal aesthetic and technical skills and competence, comes a line of products entirely produced in the establishments of Botto Giuseppe in Valle Mosso and Cascami Seta in Tarcento, province of Udine, acquired in 1986. Our yarns and fabrics are the souls and stars of a collection in cashmere, wool, silk, linen and cotton, born from exclusive spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing processes. Botto Giuseppe & Figli is one of the highest expressions of Italian manufacturing, where skilful hands contribute to ensuring that long and complex processes bring to light products of unique quality and fascination.

And though history is important, equally so is the wisdom the firm shows in its ability to grasp the lexicon of research and innovation, developing collections specifically targeted toward a demanding, sophisticated clientele. Capable of recognising and choosing the inestimable value of timeless beauty and true quality. The demonstration that unique stories can be woven starting from a simple thread, with Made in Italy, the highest expression of a country with a working culture so deeply rooted in an innate sense of beauty, harmony and absolute perfection, as their muse.

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