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About Byrne Electrical Specialists

Byrne Electrical Specialists has always been an innovator. A business model built on “how can we help?” In fact, you might say that the company itself was born out of a single customer need.

Back in 1971, Norman Byrne left an electrical assemblies company on the Michigan lakeshore to start his own business. A customer from his old company was asking for help with electrical harnesses to carry power to dashboards and other instruments on boats. Norm told the man “I could do that for you” and took on the project. At the time, he had no dedicated space for a new business – and no other client – but Norm and his wife, Rosemary, dove in and set up shop in the basement of their family home. Equipment was purchased. The job was carried out…and others followed. Many others. Soon the basement – and kitchen – were overrun. The family needed their kitchen back. Something had to give.

Over the following years, their adventures and growth would take them from Ada to Downtown Grand Rapids to today’s home sweet home – Rockford, Michigan.

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