About C2C ExpoLAB

C2C ExpoLAB is the unique knowledge provider, specialist and certified practitioner of the Cradle to Cradle principles in the built environment and (government) building processes.

C2C ExpoLAB helps you as a client or contractor to translate the circular approach into practice. For example into policy or procurement of (re-)construction of (public) buildings. We do that on an innovative, easy and sustainable way to finally earn and save money, based on the principles of a circular economy.

The difference is made by consulting, project management and implementation of the right decisions to embed sustainable innovations in the process and procurement from a positive business case.

In addition, you ultimately contribute to a positive impact on the world for yourself and our children and grandchildren.

Our services include C2C inspiration sessions, presentations, workshops, project support and specialist advice for the built environment and government.


Built Environment

Due to the enormous scale of the built environment sector, the positive impact that a Cradle to Cradle ® approach could make here on society and the environment is gigantic, and many government agencies have already expressed their desire to stimulate this development. C2C ExpoLAB assists project managers, architects, engineers and other parties to work with this new paradigm, taking the conventional sustainability approach of eco-efficiency and minimization to a whole new level.


The position of sustainability in government policy and legislation is becoming increasingly well defined. As governments step up their activities to protect the environment and its societies, our Cradle to Cradle ® approach is to generate outcomes that are not only economically efficient, but also environmentally and socially effective. Due to our multi-tiered and multi-faceted expertise, we are able to offer a wide range of services including strategized cooperation with private industry.



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