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About Custers In Groen

Passion and creativity in green
In the face of Custers Custers, John Green. John grew up surrounded by plants, a breeder as a father and a mother with a flower shop at home. It was no surprise that John chose for various courses in the green sector, including the Master Training Floral. The case grew into a large garden center in Weert under the label of Europe Garden. In 2000 the business was sold and is now known as Intratuin.

Meaning of plants for people

Psychological and practical value of plants
John will continue to put "people and plants'. Plants have an important mental value for people, plants connect us with nature. Plants literally relax us. Besides these mental value plants also a great practical value: they take in harmful chemicals and give off oxygen. Plants also contribute to a good humidity and they improve the acoustics of a room. John brings this particular effect of plants on people's attention. You can read more in 'People and plants'.


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