About DanSign

Our overall objective is to lead the market in terms of productivity, quality and environmental friendliness, while complying with current legislation in the area. 

To be the leading supplier of quality signage based on environmentally sound materials.
To be known as a major supplier of system signage worldwide.
To be the principal supplier and partner for strategically selected customers.
We make the greatest possible endeavours:
Meet customers’ expectations for high-quality and attractive design.
Comply with delivery deadlines.
Reduce the environmental impact of the production process and production-related materials and to recycle materials.

The Environment 
Environmental considerations are an integral part of our strategy and business development, contributing towards reducing raw material consumption and waste as well as the efficient exploitation of energy resources. The scrapping of industrially processed materials accounts for the lion’s share of company waste, and much of it is reused.
For example, approx. 20% of the aluminium in our aluminium signs is recycled.
All sign systems are made from environment-friendly materials.

We are looking forward to developing signage projects that are slightly more green and a little more sustainable in the future.

Sign – PlanSign

Please contact your DanSign Sales Consultant for more information about PlanSign, or any of our other fantastic sign systems.  


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