Desso BV / Tarkett B.V.

About Desso BV / Tarkett B.V.

Desso has always been fully committed to its customers and employees and we will continue to assess and evaluate every aspect of what we do in order to develop our business even further.

Our philosophy is founded on five key fundamentals:

  • a commitment to delivering superior products in terms of quality, durability and design through continuous innovation. To achieve this Desso works in cooperation with key specifying and purchasing decision makers, including architects, designers and project developers.
  • a dedication to making life easier for customers through a simple, common sense approach to business and greater flexibility of service.
  • a commitment to Cradle to Cradle® Principles where products are made from pure components that are easy to disassemble, in order to create new products (= up-cycling) in both the biological and technical cycles.
  • a belief in manufacturing products that foster pride in the workforce, and the promotion of open communication within the organisation to ensure everyone is working towards a collective goal.
  • investment in production facilities to ensure the quality of tufted and woven carpets and carpet tiles, along with artificial grass. The long-term aim is to reinforce Desso's reputation as a leading manufacturer in all four segments.

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