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Excluton delivers concrete pavers for the use in outdoor spaces and gardens. The company, active for more than 35 years in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, has 160 employees who operate from Druten (Gld) on more than 1000 products. The core values of the company are: creativity, entrepreneurship, ambition, flexibility and responsibility.

The mission of Excluton is to develop innovative solutions for better concrete pavement with better environmental performance. With great respect for the people and the environment. Since 2008 the company has invested substantially in innovation and sustainability for the processes and products. So the company uses ground- and surface water instead of drinking water. Two-thirds of the raw materials are won less than 10 km from the factory. Old pavement is converted into new ones that are fully recyclable and chemicals free. The company has been awarded with DUBOkeur, ISO 14001, CO2 performance ladder, LCA, NL Greenlabel A certificates and a Cradle to Cradle Silver certificate. The last certificate is unique in Europe. 

There is a close cooperation with the chemist Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart from the EPEA Institute (Hamburg/Germany) in the field of innovative Cradle to Cradle® solutions for paving products. The aim of the C2C design concept is to improve the quality of the products. This process involves adding value to the user, the use of the best environmental friendly ingredients, optimal recycling and environmentally friendly improvements to the processes. With the aim to design and produce eco-effective products, which are infinitely recyclable without loss of quality and without wasting energy or water. After all, reuse of materials, the use of renewable energy and respect for biodiversity are the key measures of corporate social responsibility. As a result the ExcluNatura Basic-line has been the first concrete pavement in Europe, which has been awarded with the Cradle to Cradle Silver certificate by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute (California/USA).

Other innovations include the patented CO2-reducing street stone by the application of olivine in the top layer. In a residential area of a thousand homes and hundred thousand square meters of olivine pavement, the effect can match that of 3000 trees. And the light reflectiving paving stone by the application of anorthosites in the top layer. In this way Excluton contributes to a healthier and safer outside environment.



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