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Meet Adam and Eric, people against dirty

Before there were people against dirty, there were two guys who didn't like it one bit.

Contrary to what people may think, before starting method, they were not exactly clean freaks. Quite the opposite. They were living at 1731 pine street – arguably the dirtiest flat in San Francisco – with three other guys. Nobody would’ve ever predicted that a cleaning revolution would start there.

This was where method was born.

After their notorious house parties, they’d have to clean up, but the products they found made them cough from inhaling the fumes. They started to wonder what was dirtier – the dirt they were trying to clean, or the products they were using.

So they started poking around, and were appalled at what they found out. That the very items they were using to clean their apartment weren’t so clean in and of themselves. They were poisons that could not only harm our environment, they could seriously harm us too. They decided there had to be a cleaner way to clean. And so, in the new millennium, they introduced method. And the people against dirty revolution was born.

Theirs is a yin-yang partnership. They both grew up in the Detroit area and have known each other since high school. One of them (Adam, the guy on the left, picture aboce) is the brainiac. The other (Eric, on the right) is the lifestyle expert. Adam is a chemical engineer and environmental scientist whose previous job was working on global warming science and policy at the Carnegie Institute. He’s the kind of guy who will answer even the simplest question with graphs and charts. Eric is the style guy who had been working in advertising. You could say that together they complete each other, but that would be dorky. And their wives might get mad.

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