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Modulogreen Vertical Solutions, Lda, a company founded in 2009, is dedicated to the production of modular systems for façade cladding, i.e. revegetation modules for vertical gardens. Vertical gardens are a trend product recently introduced to the market. Its application has begun to be favoured by world renowned architects in works of reference.

Since then, there has been a spill-over effect and vertical gardens have begun to be applied a little all over the world or as a simple coating of buildings’ vertical surfaces or for engineering and architectural works. At a worldwide level, we can affirm that there is a growing demand due to the new architectonic trends of environmental integration and due to the aesthetic, thermal and mechanical characteristics of the system. The choice of this type of coating is due to the fact that it has a low cost and is aesthetically more pleasing. But these are not the only advantages. It also provides good thermal insulation, as previously mentioned, making buildings environmentally efficient, in addition to being easy to use and install. It is a more resistant system, since it can be applied on different types of surfaces.

The technology developed by Modulogreen is also innovative in terms of the sprinkler system. It is a drip sprinkler system which permits a homogeneous sprinkling of all plants. The drip is self-regulating in accordance with the season and time of day. And let us not forget the water recirculation system which permits the optimisation of the sprinkler system, thus decreasing water consumption. The current façade coating systems are assembled on site and in accordance with each location, oftentimes with heavy structures that are difficult to manoeuvre and not very versatile.

The Modulogreen concept is without a doubt a system that is unique in the market, since no other system has similar characteristics and such strong potential to become a product of reference in the market at an international level, boosting the architecture and engineering sector. Following improvements and corrections of small details in the developed system, Modulogreen understood that to conquer new markets and avoid a repeat of what had already happened with the first systems developed by the founding partner, Mr. José Dos Santos, it was vital to protect the invention, which is why the system has been patented at a European and international level.

Modulogreen is thus able to exploit the enormous market opportunities that exist without fear. Modulogreen, through its founder, has connections to companies in the French market, which in turn have businesses in France, Monaco, Holland, USA, Canada, Angola and others. Along the lines of the patent registration, the company intends to market the system in Europe and internationally, in the USA, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and the United Arab Emirates, among others. The selection of the target market was not done by chance. Similarly to the patent registration, both took into consideration markets where the potential for implementation of revegetation coating solutions, both in terms of public works and urban regenerations and private reconstructions. The other markets were selected because they have in common a strong investment in large public works and where the best architectural and engineering innovations in the civil construction and public works industry are currently concentrated. They are markets where the thirst for non-traditional solutions is growing and where the most recent architectural trends are incorporated into buildings, where energy and environmental efficiency, allied to the aesthetic and functional component, are basic requirements for large public and private constructions/reconstructions.

Here, in Portugal, Modulogreen will be a pioneer in the production of a modular concept made from polypropylene plastic with fiberglass, an innovative solution for vertical gardens. The actual origin of the name Modulogreen Vertical Solutions Lda, was also thought of from an internationalization strategy viewpoint. That same alteration took place at the Urbaverde – Forum das Cidades Sustentáveis event in 2010, in Estoril. The national and international markets are therefore markets where the viability of the Modulogreen concept will be projected at a global level and where there are many business opportunities for the company.



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