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Pratibha Syntex Ltd. is a vertically integrated, sustainability oriented knitted textiles manufacturing company based in central India. Our operations range from farm to the finished product stage. Pratibha Syntex Ltd. was founded in 1997. The company rapidly expanded its operations, made its foray into organic farming and went on to become one of the largest vertically integrated textile manufacturers. The company specialises in knitted products manufacturing. Pratibha puts sustainability at the core of its business strategy. The company recycles 92% of its effluent discharge, is 4 times water positive. It is actively engaged in reducing its carbon footprint. Pratibha recycles its spinning waste to manufacture usable products. Our products include T-shirts, undergarments, high fashion garments and recycled textile products. Pratibha networks with around 30,000 farmers, 10,000 employees and renowned global apparel brands from over 20 countries.

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