About Steinzeug-Keramo

About Steinzeug-Keramo

Steinzeug-Keramo, is a branch of Wienerberger AG, with two production locations in Germany, one in Belgium and one in the Netherlands, is Europe’s market leader in producing and supplying vitrified clay pipe solutions for sewer systems.

Steinzeug-Keramo offers a complete range of vitrified clay pipes and fittings in diameter 100 mm up to 1400 mm. Besides clay pipes and fittings for open trench, our portfolio covers jacking pipes, drainage pipes and manholes.

The main raw material clay is a natural raw material with unlimited availability. The combination of environmentally friendly mined clay and modern machines lead to efficiently produced high-quality products.

Vitrified clay pipes can be fully recycled; this closes the commodity chain completely. A modern vitrified clay pipe is a combination of unique material characteristics that guarantees a very long lifetime.

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