About TGM B.V.

Freedom of appearance

A high-tech distinctive façade makes an impression, it gives your building a face and serves it as a business card. Needless to say that you are expecting the highest standard; not only aesthetical, but also from a technical point, your façade should offer the maximum performance.


TGM is a prominent independent façade specialist. Based on your specification we are selecting the most suitable materials, design, systems and brands and not vice versa. This independence enables us to be flexible, swift and critical in providing you with innovative solutions. Because only the very best design, which suits your requirements and budget, is acceptable to TGM!


Collaboration, open communication and a proactive role as co-partner define us. We take the full responsibility for the quality of the façade, within the program specification and financial budgets. To ensure that your façade remains a real eye-catcher and performs accordingly we offer planed service and maintenance to enable you to manage future costs. That is partnership.  


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