About Thermaflex

Thermaflex is a Dutch family owned company for 35 years. This company is specialized in the development and production of smart solutions for efficient distribution of thermal energy.

Thermaflex develops and produces sustainable solutions for the distribution of thermal energy and uses state-of-the-art flexible pre-insulated ducting systems.

Minimize the waste of energy, maximize the use of renewables
Existing and developing societies are in need of sustainable solutions for energy and water. Together with our stakeholders, we help build systems for future generations. In everything we do, we are inspired by nature . As it is always systemic, smart and efficient in its solutions. 

Taking care of energy and the environment
At Thermaflex we are on a mission! We have been working on the development of our company for years. We can now build on a strong culture, innovative technology and prospective market positions based on true relationships and performance. Energy and water are a necessity in the built environment. They are a basic right for everyone.

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