About Thoma

Can a house be the fuel for health and wellbeing?

People increasingly want their home to be an oasis of health and well-being. At Thoma we are working towards this on their behalf. For over 20 years this has been our vision and today we can share many successful examples of our work.

A new era of quality wood construction was heralded by the invention of Holz100 by Thoma. With its non-glued solid wood shell, a Holz100 house has impressive results (and a few world records) in heat insulation, air-conditioning, energy savings, indoor air-quality, soundproofing, protection from radio-waves, fire protection and earthquake security.

The patented Thoma Holz100 construction method wraps the home’s inhabitants in pure solid wood with no chemical pollutants. Holz100 combines state-of -the -art thinking with enduring natural characteristics of wood at its finest. The powerful testimonials from thousands of happy Holz100 customers are our best advertisement.

Why not build yourself a healthy home and enjoy life?

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