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Acoustic comfort and a healthy indoor climate are key elements of modern architecture. Since 1935, we have manufactured Troldtekt acoustic panels form the natural materials wood and cement. We design, develop and manufacture the panels in Denmark – from local materials and under state-of-the-art and eco-friendly conditions. The natural choice Troldtekt acoustic panels are among the leading and preferred solutions for ensuring high quality sound environments. Our panels clad ceilings and walls in offices, commercial and industrial buildings and in public facilities such as schools, kindergartens, cultural centres, sports centres, swimming pools as wells as private homes. Minimalist architecture is often challenged by the extensive use of hard surfaces. Troldtekt makes a real audible difference and is the natural choice to ensuring good acoustics in both new and renovated buildings. Intelligent acoustic solutions In line with our company vision of being a trendsetter within intelligent acoustic solutions with focus on a sustainable indoor climate we continuously develop new products for modern architecture in close cooperation with architects and building consultants. Several of Troldtekt’s design solutions have received international design awards, including the Green Product Award, the ICONIC Award and the German Design Award. Sustainable business strategy CSR and sustainability are strategically anchored at Troldtekt. Therefore, the Cradle to Cradle concept and the company’s commitment to the UN Global Compact form the foundation for all Troldtekt business. An ambitious roadmap based on the five Cradle to Cradle quality categories points the way to 2022. The entire range of Troldtekt wood wool products has achieved Cradle to Cradle certification in the “Silver” category.

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