Concrete Waterproofing by Hycrete

How can you make concrete waterproof? Try Hycrete concrete waterproofing products, which work by reducing absorption of water and dissolved salts into the concrete and by forming a protective layer over reinforcing steel. Watch this review to find out more. 

Some information about Hycrete:
- Regular concrete absorbs water and anything dissolved in it. With Hycrete's solutions, concrete becomes hydrophobic, keeping water out. Protective barriers are formed around rebar, inhibiting corrosion. 
- Hycrete products are Cradle to Cradle certified. 
- Structures involving Hycrete integral waterproofing and corrosion inhibitor solutions cost less, go up faster, are more durable, and have lower environmental impact, according to the company.
- When using Hycrete, traditional membranes and coatings for water proofing do not have to be used, and as a result you save the money of hiring specialized subcontractors to apply them.

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