Cradle to Cradle: Theoretical Framework

Cradle to Cradle Network

This Theoretical Framework provides more detailed information on the principles
of the Cradle to Cradle concept and its implications at a theoretical level. The framework helps to develop a common language for the Network and underpins the perspective studies and the ongoing work of the C2CN.

The perspective studies will serve as frame of reference for follow-up activities and exchanges both within and outside the Cradle to Cradle Network (C2CN) and aim
to reflect the current challenges and opportunities associated with implementing
a Cradle to Cradle approach. In total, four perspectives have been written, in the areas on industry, area spatial development, governance and on the build theme. These studies are not formal academic literature reviews, but are written from a practical point of view and offer some general understanding and guidelines for those engaged in C2C initiatives, as well as policy makers. They aim to consider ‘on the ground’ delivery of the C2C philosophy and reflect on both theory and practice. 

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