Happy Healthy School

The Happy Healthy School concept is simple: Humans breathe in Oxygen and breathe out CO2. Plants do the opposite. By putting a greenhouse on top of the school, theindoor air is purified.


Children produce lots of CO2 in their classroom. Through a double facade, that acts as asolar chimney, the CO2 rich air goes up. The greenhouse on top of the roof creates anoptimal climate for the plants and they thrive on the CO2 the children produce. When the air is ‘fresh’ again, it leaves the greenhouse to be cooled through underground tubes

City children get in touch with nature again by growing their own lunch food. And by taking care of the plants, they take care of their fresh air.
nature education

Before polluted outside air can enter she school,
 finedust and harmful gasses arefiltered out. When the air is pure enough, it is added to the indoor air.

HHS 2 zones 1.1

The concept is designed to be
 customized to different climates and cultures. The concept we have designed for Shanghai uses Bamboo, a highly renewable material, widely available in China.
vervuilde steden
The Happy Healthy School can be built on virtually 
any location. A test unit for further research is being developed at The Hogeschool Utrecht in the Netherlands.

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