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Cradle to Cradle® movie

Reggs is one of the two C2C® accredited design companies in the world. To inspire our clients we've made an animation about Cradle to Cradle® explaining the C2C® philosophy in only 5 minutes!   

What is Cradle to Cradle®?

Cradle to Cradle® is about being good instead of being less bad. It stimulates you to rethink the way you design products. It is a positive approach to deal with the scarcity and toxicity of materials, to make use of the abundance of solar power income and to celebrate and respect diversity on every level. Michael Braungart and William McDonough are the founders of the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy. We are proud to have 10 C2C® designers within Reggs. It gives us the opportunity to contribute to change towards a better, healthier and cleaner world, where we can celebrate the abundance of qualitative products.

Why have we chosen to become C2C® accredited design consultants?

Reggs has experienced that many professionals have become inspired by the C2C® way of thinking. It spark innovation and it touches identified customer needs, two major component in building brands.However, the philosophy is not always that straightforward to implement in day to day work. Designers can play an essential part in this translation, since design is the first step in showing good and human intentions. C2C® demands an integral collaboration with different parties within the value chain. With our 10 trained designers with various backgrounds such as brand strategy, concept development, product and graphic designs we can support companies in the transition towards ‘becoming good’.

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