Regio Venlo C2C® in Venlo (English Edition)

The Venlo Principles

In 2002 William McDonough and Michael Braungart created quite a stir with the publication of their book Cradle to Cradle®, Remaking the Way We Make Things. In their book they advocate completely new basic premises for the design and development of products, using only safe and entirely recyclable raw materials. This makes waste food, in a perpetual cycle. From cradle to cradle®, as it were.

The district of Venlo is the first district in the world that not only embraces the principles of Cradle to Cradle® – abbreviated in SMS-slang to C2C® - but also plans to put them into practice. This handy book, The district of Venlo present the status quo – as well as what other jewels the progressive and constantly developing district still has up his sleeve for us in the realm of ‘green'. 

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