The Registry Of Cradle to Cradle® Inspired Elements For Building Developments

Draft Consultative Beta Version 3.22

Welcome to a beneficial footprint !

The Registry Of Cradle To Cradle®-Inspired Elements For Building Developments* is a new international award-based mechanism to celebrate Cradle to Cradle-inspired innovation in buildings and area developments. The Registry welcomes everybody with a qualified building development to celebrate outstanding Elements. The Registry is described more completely in the PDF document downloadable here.

The Registry aims to;

•               Honor achievements in creating Cradle to Cradle-inspired innovations.

•               Embrace the inspirational value of a beneficial footprint instead of just “less bad” reductions of impacts.

•               Inspire, educate and be educated by others. Be a place where people can explore applications of the C2C® design paradigm and be a catalyst for creating actively beneficial features in the built environment.

Target audience

Due to the success of Cradle to Cradle® there are growing demands for a universally accessible and affordable mechanism to celebrate beneficial elements in building developments. Green building standards like BREAAM, LEED and ASHRAE are important but tend to focus on minimizing negative impacts more than supporting beneficial impacts that add value. Due to costs of those processes only a few thousand buildings were awarded those rankings over the past decades.

To solve this The Registry is designed for owners, architects and other building stakeholders everywhere who would like to have the outstanding positive elements in their buildings recognized in an affordable peer-reviewed international forum. The Registry provides stakeholders with a claim to be recognized for beneficial innovation and quality in the marketplace based on quick, easy and affordable but also peer-reviewed evaluation. Stakeholders who are recognized in the program will benefit from more than just recognition; they will be participating in the acceleration of best practices for C2C-Inspired Elements.

Importance of Elements

The core component of The Registry is a C2C-Inspired Element. A description of elements along with various examples can be found in the PDF publication at this link.

On the final page of the publication you can find a table describing an example of an atrium as an Element and how it fits into Cradle to Cradle® principles as well as how it can achieve C2C-inspired goals measurably across a range of activities.

How to apply?

The Registry is a web-based operation with minimal bureaucracy and low admission/use fees.

Applications for recognition are through registration application that includes submission of basic factual project data along with supporting materials such as: submission of narrative, photographs, video, data as available and as verified by the registrant. Application form can be downloaded from this page upper right. Meanwhile you are encouraged to send your own entries in your own words, using the attached brochure as a guide.

Entry to The Registry is awarded by the Academic Chair, Cradle to Cradle for Innovation and Quality, Rotterdam School of Management, with support from an advisory group of C2C-trained specialists and based on the publication Cradle to Cradle Criteria for the Built Environment.

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