Sense and Sustainability

Educating for a circular economy

This book sets a major challenge to educators and educational establishments by not only introducing the principles of sustainability to students but also seeking to change the way schools and colleges approach education and view themselves in the context of the local community and society in general. those that think they are well on the way to achieving this by recycling waste and turning the heating down by half a degree are in for a jolt. Recycling is just a single part of the first stage of a four stage process that results in a school where, amongst other things , the boundary with the community becomes indis tinct, the campus is ‘eco-restorative’ and the curriculum is focussed on learning for change in society.

the authors accept that this aspiration will not be easily understood by all and a fundamental shift in attitude is required to achieve it. For this reason the book is aimed as much at educating the educators as it is at providing exercises to help with student development. indeed the first four chapters are used for putting forward the case for a cradle to cradle approach, or ‘circular economy’, rather than the currently ingrained paradigm of ‘take-make-dump’. One of the key messages is that the journey is not about tightening belts or attaching blame, readers are encouraged to ‘let go of the guilt’, and this results in a positive tone that is not preaching.” 

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