Why the Circular Economy Is Powered by C2C- Part 10

Carlsberg Circular Community - Douglas Mulhall

Lecture for the University course Cradle to Cradle Design Paradigm 2, Industrial Design Engineering, Universiteit Twente at the C2C ExpoLAB.
Supervisor Dr. Tanja Scheelhaase, Academic chair Prof. Dr. M. Braungart


21 May 2014 - C2C ExpoLAB

This is the tenth part of the lecture given by Douglas Mulhall at the C2C ExpoLAB on 21th May 2014. This part is about the Carlsberg Circular Community.

In 2014, the World Economic Forum declared in a new publication that material flows are a priority for the Circular Economy. The World Economic Forum cited Cradle to Cradle methods pioneered by Braungart, McDonough and EPEA for high quality material reuse. The lecture will describe how C2C methods are practically applied in actual business cases for powering the Circular Economy. The relevance of Cradle to Cradle on the European level and for the global economy will be highlighted.

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