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    with French & Dutch subtitles

    Video Reggs Reggs 11th March 2013 Dutch, French

    Reggs is one of the two C2C® accredited design companies in the world. To inspire our clients we've made an animation about Cradle to Cradle® explaining the C2C® philosophy in only 5 minutes!   

    What is Cradle to Cradle®?

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    Maersk Cradle to Cradle(r) Passport

    Total Vessel recycling

    Video Maersk 21st February 2011 English

    Maersk Line will implement the most comprehensive cradle-to-cradle® passport ever seen for the new giant Triple-E ships.
    The cradle to cradle® passport will identify each and every nut and bolt of the giant 60.000 ton ships, making vastly improved recycling possible for most materials as well as safe disposal for the rest.

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    Film on Cradle to Cradle®

    Video GoodBaby 28th July 2011 English

    A great film showing Goodbaby's actions to change into a Cradle to Cradle® company.
    Over the past 20 years, Goodbaby has complied with many international standards. Today, the are taking the next step in child product safety by implementing the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy and making it a part of their core business. 

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    Rethinking progress

    The Circular Economy

    Video Ellen MacArthur Foundation 28th August 2011 Dutch, English

    There's a world of opportunity to re-think and re-design the way we make stuff. 

    'Re-Thinking Progress' explores how through a change in perspective we can re-design the way our economy works - designing products that can be 'made to be made again' and powering the system with renewable energy. It questions whether with creativity and innovation we can build a restorative economy.

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    Cradle to Cradle(r) (Dutch Edition)

    Afval = Voedsel

    Book William McDonough & Michael Braungart Search Knowledge / Scriptum 1st December 2007 Dutch

    Het huidige milieudenken spoort aan tot 'beperken, hergebruiken en recyclen', ofwel: doe meer met minder om de schade te beperken. Maar dat leidt, zoals chemicus Michael Braungart en architect William McDonough in dit visionaire boek aangeven, alleen maar tot het instandhouden van het productiemodel van 'cradle to grave', dat enorme hoeveelheden afval en vervuiling produceert.

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    Cradle to Cradle(r) Certification Flyer

    Brochure MBDC MBDC 1st January 2010 English

    Certification permits an organization to tangibly and credibly demonstrate its efforts
    to design eco-effective products. Cradle to Cradle® Certification is a multi-attribute
    ecolabel that assesses products for their ingredients’ human and environmental health characteristics, their recyclability or compostability, and their manufacturing characteristics. 

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    Applying principles of green engineering to Cradle to Cradle(r) design

    Industry is using these tenets and principles to work toward sustainability 

    Document William McDonough & Michael Braungart 1st December 2003 English

    Doing the right things right. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Working smart may be easy, but working smart without perspective or guid- ing principles can ultimately become an ef- ficient pursuit of the wrong goals.

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    Towards a sustaining architecture for 21st century

    The promise of Cradle to Cradle® design

    Document William McDonough & Michael Braungart UNEP Industry and Environment 1st May 2003 English

    Cradle to Cradle® design is an ecologically intelligent approach to architecture and industry that involves materials, buildings and patterns of settlement which are wholly healthful and restorative. Unlike cradle-to-grave systems, Cradle to Cradle® design sees human systems as nutrient cycles in which every material can support life.

  • Scientific research

    Beyond Triple Bottom Line

    Designing for the Triple Top Line

    Scientific research William McDonough & Michael Braungart 1st August 2002 English

    Pursuing positive aspirations at every level of commerce anchors intelligent design deep within corporate business strategy. And when good design drives the business agenda, the path toward sustainability turns from end-of-pipe solutions to creating value with innovative product design....

    More information about the paper:

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    Ambitions Renewal Rijnstraat 8

    Green, Intelligent and Vital

    Document Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat 1st April 2010 Dutch, English

    In spring 2009 the decision was made to radically renew the current principal seat of the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM), located at Rijnstraat 8 in The Hague. This renewal would aim to drastically modernise the building in many ways making it suitable for use by several central government departments.

  • Scientific research

    Sustainable Development and Cradle to Cradle(r) Approach

    A literature review to the possibilities to apply the Cradle to Cradle® approach in the built environment

    Scientific research Bas van de Westerlo Océ 1st June 2011 Dutch

    For several decades there has been a debate in scientific literature in the field of sustainable development in the built environment. Until today there is much confusion what does and does not belong to sustainable development and how these developments relate to each other. The same applies to the most recent Cradle to Cradle® approach. The purpose of this review is to provide a literature re

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    Usability of Life Cycle Assessment for Cradle to Cradle(r) purpose

    Position Paper

    Document NL Agency - Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment Agentschap NL 1st December 2011 English

    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a measurement tool that has been used since the 1970s as a means of assessing the environmental impact of products or services. Cradle to Cradle® (C2C®) is an innovation framework used since the 1990s in order to design products and services which are beneficial in economic, health and environ- mental terms.

  • Scientific research

    Cradle to Cradle(r) design: Creating healthy emissions

    A strategy for eco-effective product and system design

    Scientific research William McDonough, Michael Braungart & Andrew Bollinger Elsevier / Journal of Cleaner Production 9th November 2006 English

    Where eco-efficiency and zero emission seek to reduce the unintended negative consequences of processes of production and consumption, eco-effectiveness is a positive agenda for the conception and production of goods and services that incorporate social, economic, and environmental benefit, enabling triple top line growth.

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    Reggs (updated 2014)

    Cradle to Cradle® movie

    Video Reggs Reggs 1st January 2011 English

    Reggs is one of the two C2C® accredited design companies in the world. To inspire our clients we've made an animation about Cradle to Cradle® explaining the C2C® philosophy in only 5 minutes!   

    What is Cradle to Cradle®?

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    Cradle to Cradle(r) Certification Program

    Version 2.1.1

    Document MBDC 4th April 2012 English

    Cradle to Cradle® Design is a revolutionary approach to the redesign of human industry based on the conviction that rigorous science and design can move human industry beyond simple concerns for “sustainability” (often seen as a form of maintenance of current levels of performance while limiting destruction) toward a new positive paradigm where growth is good – science provid

  • Scientific research

    The Next Industrial Revolution

    Scientific research William McDonough & Michael Braungart The Atlantic 1st October 1998 English

    Albert Einstein wrote, "The world will not evolve past its current state of crisis by using the same thinking that created the situation." Many people believe that new industrial revolutions are already taking place, with the rise of cybertechnology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. It is true that these are powerful tools for change.

  • Scientific research

    Design for Triple Top Line

    New Tools for Sustainable Commerce

    Scientific research William McDonough & Michael Braungart Corporate Environmental Strategy / Elsevier Science 1st January 2002 English