18 july Bogota high level business seminar: Leveraging Circular Business



The Circular Economy has gained global traction among the largest companies as a strategy to promote business growth, resulting in a greater competitive advantage and sustainability.

A Circular Economy inspired in the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy -a design methodology that allows the development of innovative products to be recirculated in a profitable, safe and infinite way by closing biological and technical cycles- enhances competitiveness, innovation, sustainability and access to global markets. 

Thus, aiming to strengthen the innovation and competitiveness capacity of the Colombian business sector, this seminar is targeted to owners, managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs who want to learn new business concepts, to innovate and to develop circular business models.

CEOs and Senior Staff of successful North American companies and international experts will share their experiences and knowledge of the implementation of Cradle to Cradle® design for the Circular Economy and other related methodologies for circular business development.

There will be ample space to interact during the seminar and the socialization event at the end of the day. This interaction will facilitate the exchange of ideas, networking, and the creation of future strategic alliances to position national companies within a global economy subject to constant change.

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