22 August - Bogota - Circular Economy Regional Symposium


Strategies for Business Competitiveness and Sustainable Development in Colombia

Due to the relevance of a Circular Economy to strive current economic and environmental challenges in Bogota and the whole of Colombia, the Americas Sustainable Development Foundation (ASDF), in collaboration with the Circular Economy Platform of the Americas (CEP-Americas), organizes in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia, the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota and the EAN university, the Región Circular Symposium.

Región Circular is the knowledge and experiences exchange symposium around the Circular Economy to identify circular business opportunities and future initiatives to foster competitiveness, productivity, innovation and sustainability in Bogota and Colombia.

During this symposium, key actors from the public, private and academic sectors will share and discuss experiences and successful initiatives around the Circular Economy, Green Growth and other compatible practices already developed in Bogota and Colombia.

This exchange will provide a clear picture of the state of the art and the opportunities for transitioning to a Circular Economy in Bogota and Colombia. Furthermore, strategic alliances will be explored aimed to articulate different governmental, business and academic initiatives that will support a CE transition.

National and international leaders, committed with the Circular Economy, will present their experiences and points of view of how to pursue a CE strategy for competitiveness and sustainable development in different scenarios.

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