3rd Safer Consumer Products Summit

Join our dynamic group of speakers and attendees from leading chemical manufacturers, brand owners, retailers, trade groups, government and policy officials, investors , health and environmental campaigners, consultants, contract labs, and solution vendors to gain the information and make the connections you will need to prosper in tomorrow’s world of safer consumer products.

Ongoing public unease about the toxicity of consumer products has led to a variety of state-level policy actions designed to alter the way in which chemicals and the products containing them are designed, formulated, manufactured, marketed, consumed and disposed.

These uncoordinated state laws governing consumer product safety have resulted in a patchwork of varying standards and a difficult environment for businesses. This lack of standardization, along with a recognition that the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) no longer provides a sufficient framework for ensuring consumer product safety, has led to a bipartisan effort in Congress to pass unifying federal legislation and re-establish national standards for businesses and their customers. The world of consumer product safety is passing into a new, and potentially radically different, era. 

As a result, Infocast has organized this 3rd Safer Consumer Products Summit: National Policy Outlook in order to provide the most up-to-date information available on the rapid evolution of consumer safety regulation, including both existing state-level changes and emerging state and Federal initiatives, including TSCA Reform. It also brings together nationally recognized representatives of green chemistry solution providers, leading consumer brands, manufacturers, retailers and other stakeholders across the supply chain to strategize the changes necessary to ensure regulatory compliance in the new era and to take advantage of the benefits that green chemistry can provide for new and reformulated product design, production and marketing.

Hear Policy Makers Provide Updates on Current and Emerging Regulations, While Green Chemistry Solution Providers, Leading Consumer Brands, Manufacturers and Retailers Discuss How to Prepare for the New World of Safer Consumer Products

* Stay Ahead of the Regulatory Curve with the Most Up-To-Date Status on Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

* Avoid Brand Reputation Risk and Stay on the Shelves with Updates on the latest State- Level Policy Developments in States like CA, MA, ME, OR and WA

* Acquire the Strategies Needed to Meet and Exceed Compliance with the Emerging SCP Regulations

* Learn How to Leverage Green Chemistry to De-Risk Your Supply Chain and Capture New Markets

* 6 Real World Case Studies from Dupont, Unilever, ICL Industrial Products, Itaconix Corporation, Segetis and Tarkett

In addition, our two half-day, pre-summit workshops will examine two significant areas within the safer consumer products landscape. The Alternative Plasticizers Pre-Summit Workshopwill delve into phthalate-based plasticizers and present current as well as future green alternatives and our Personal Care Products & Cosmetics Pre-Summit Workshop will detail the benefits and challenges associated with sustainable ingredients. 

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