Also your C2C inspired news on C2C-Centre? Please!

We made great efforts to gather all relevant Cradle to Cradle news. Our aim is to have a complete overview of C2C news, which links to the right websites.

Therefore we have a feed with the C2C Products Innovation Institute to receive daily updates and possible new C2C Certified products. We have relations with other websites of the C2C frontrunners, but we are always searching for other news items.

So if you have any news, which is C2C inspired / based on the circular economy, please let us know at If the C2C quality is assured, we will place your news at the C2C-Centre.

Added value for you….?

Almost 50.000 unique visitors have visit the C2C-Centre with an average time of 8,5 minutes! They like to read more about products, news and projects. We send a periodic newsletter, which contains all the latest news. Lots of people read this newsletter. Click here if you would also like to receive this newsletter.

We have links to social media such al LinkedIn and twitter, this makes such that the radius of your news is very wide.

So if you have news, also from you own company, project etc., or you miss a news items, please contact us at We will be very grateful.

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