Architectenweb organizes The Big Sustainability Congress

The Big Sustainability Congress will take place beneath the largest roof garden in the Netherlands, on June 4th.

Among the speakers at the conference are Thomas Rau (RAU and Turntoo), Huib van Zeijl (Équipe), Vincent van der Meulen (Kraaijvanger) and Michael Braungart (C2C).

It is almost possible to make a detached house completely circular in terms of energy, water and material.
In larger programs and more urban situations, this is a lot more complex.
What are the opportunities of making city offices and business-buildings circular at this time?

How can the designproces be arranged so that an optimal knowledge exchange between all interested parties takes place? Is hiring a facade for example a useful tool to develop a more sustainable built environment? And how can you scale up the innovations that are made in sustainability? Answers to these questions will hopefully be found during The Big Sustainability Congress.


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