Arup Demonstration Project Highlights Principles of Circular Design (NEW)

Source: Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

Resetting the long-held linear model of construction (extract-make-install-dispose) in favor of a circular model can seem overwhelming. Thankfully, architects, designers, and thought leaders around the world are pioneering projects that serve as examples, inspiration, and education to guide the industry to build in ways in which materials retain their value beyond the life of the building.

The Circular Building, developed by Arup, Frener & Reifer, BAM Construction, and The Built Environment Trust,” is one such project. The prototype, built as a showcase for the London Design Festival in September, was designed and constructed with fully re-useable components “to demonstrate how circular economy thinking can be applied to the built environment ... and to explore how the industry can work toward zero waste.”

You can read the entire article about Arup using this link.

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