BLOG of C2C BIZZ: How French providers of building materials become interested in C2C

Reaching the ultimate goal, a Cradle to Cradle business site, means that entire fields of industry need to change the way they do things.  What that means in practice was presented to me last week on Monday.

The House of Projects (HoP) is currently being built at the brown field La Lainière, the pilot site of project partner Lille Metropole.  In an earlier blog I have described the future purpose of this building. To get an idea of the progress the Lead Partner and the Joint Technical Secretariat of INTERREG IVB  visited the building site. The HoP team, consisting of Lille Metropole, operator SEM VR, the architects ARROYO/EKOA, EPEA France and Lateral Thinking Factory, shared their experiences and challenges with us. One of the big challenges was how to find building materials with the right C2C specifications. Importing certain building materials became a ‘no go’ due to French legislation or because the carbon footprint became too big due to transportation. 

Finding alternatives in France was difficult as the building industry is not familiar with producing and implementing C2C specified materials. The HoP team organised numerous workshops for the 15 involved service and construction companies, to teach them the C2C principles and to discover together alternative C2C inspired products and construction methods. One of the contractors described it to me as a ‘complex’ project. More disciplines were involved than usual. This project was asking more of him than constructing a regular two story building. 

Not only the contracted parties are speeding up their knowledge on C2C and are rethinking the way they do things. All companies that took part in the tendering procedures had to present how the C2C approach was part of their offer. Numerous companies in- and outside France were called during the search for building materials meeting C2C specifications.  The word is spreading around in France…..

Wieke Galama, SRE, lead partner C2C BIZZ

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