BLOG of C2C BIZZ: Making the invisible visible

The C2C BIZZ project is studying the possibilities of implementing the Cradle to Cradle© principles on business site level. Now we are reaching the end of the project (November 2015) our efforts become more visible. Visible?!?.....The (re)development process of a business site using ‘diversity’ and ‘renewable energy’ as guiding principles is hard to visualise. How do you show the public that the building materials are C2C certified? In order to show the benefits of C2C it would help if we find ways to make the invisible visible when entering a C2C inspired building or business site.

The C2C ExpoLAB has developed a C2C education routing in Sport Complex Egerbos,  Venlo – the Netherlands. The C2C-route takes students, visitors and sportsmen to the different C2C materials and –elements of the building.

The sport complex is realized according to the Cradle to Cradle principles. Together with the municipality, users and architect the C2C ExpoLAB designed the education routing. The route was opened last May. When visitors enter the building, they are triggered that something special is going on in this building. They can learn more about C2C and see where in the building they can find C2C solutions. An exploded view of the building shows the way.

Certified (building)materials and other C2C elements in the sport complex carry an information tag. Even the routing itself is made of C2C certified material. Costs? C2C certified exhibit material is 5% more expensive than regular materials. Due to an agreed take-back system the residual value will be between 5 – 25%, depending the use time up till 15 years. The route is an interesting show case of making the invisible visible!

Contact Eva Starmans of the C2C ExpoLAB ( for more information. 

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