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Material Health Certificate Encourages Product Optimization and Understanding

Architects, builders, and developers can’t also be chemists; they can’t be expected to know and understand every single ingredient in a product, much less the potential hazards those ingredients might pose. Cradle to Cradle Certification eases the burden by providing third-party identification and verification of substances within building materials, home products, personal care products, and apparel.

Through the Material Health attribute achievement level in the full certification or the stand-alone Material Health Certificate (MHC), manufacturers have a trusted way to communicate their work toward chemically optimized products and can support consumer interest in knowing more about chemicals in products and supply chains, and avoiding chemicals of concern.

Path to Healthier Products
A product often contains many materials and each material contains many chemicals. The Cradle to Cradle Material Health process looks at each of these levels to arrive at an overall assessment of the product’s material health impact.

But how do you determine material health? There are a few critical questions that a manufacturer explores on its path to healthier products. The Cradle to Cradle Certified assessor guides the manufacturer through these steps:

  1. Inventory: What’s in it?
    The manufacturer first needs to understand what.....

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