Building with Cradle to Cradle creates added value!

The Venlo region is a world leader in the field of Cradle to Cradle®. The ideas have landed and are applied in several projects, including the construction of the municipal offices of Venlo. From ambition to application, how do you do it?C2C ExpoLAB has experience in this field.

In its issue of september 2013, Noord Limburg Business Magazine published an interview with Bas van der Westerlo, consultant at the C2C ExpoLAB.
In this interview, among other things, Bas talks about the construction of the new municipal offices of Venlo, for which four measurable C2C targets have been established.

"Leave a positive footprint as big as possible for our children and grandchildren, that is the core of the Cradle to Cradle® thought. A beautiful ambition. The challenge is how this idea can be applied in practice, "explains Bas van der Westerlo. Bas is Cradle to Cradle® trained consultant at the C2C ExpoLAB, specialist in translating aspirations into concrete, measurable solutions.

Measurable objectives

Despite the availability of various certified products for building, it is not yet possible to realize a 100% Cradle to Cradle® building. It is all the more important to get some focus. Defining practical, measurable objectives is essential. C2C ExpoLAB is involved in various projects in the built environment from the start of the process as Cradle to Cradle® Advisor. C2C ExpoLAB is also involved in building the new municipal office of Venlo. "For the municipal offices in Venlo four measurable objectives are set out in a roadmap C2C, a growth model in which the goals are plotted over time," says Bas. "Solutions then serve to contribute to the objectives set." C2C ExpoLAB inspires the project team continuously, monitors the C2C-objectives and challenges the market to come up with solutions. Joint workspace days in the inspiring area of C2C ExpoLAB encourage synergy between solutions and disciplines.

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