Built Positive Launch Amsterdam - Aftermovie

On April 12th the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute launched its co-creative movement Built Positive. The event took place at Building Holland in Amsterdam. Watch this aftermovie.

The 12th of April marked the official launch of the Built Positive platform in the Netherlands. Industry leaders from the construction and real estate sectors joined us in Amsterdam at the green building innovation event Building Holland, which provided a fitting setting for the introduction of Built Positive.

Built Positive is a co-creative movement to increase the built environment’s positive impact on people, planet, and economy by designing materials for circularity, innovating to improve these inputs, and quantifying their positive impact from the molecule through to the metropolis.

Built Positive envisions a world where verified, positive materials flow in safe, perpetual cycles throughout the built environment. Its mission is to accelerate the availability, optimization, and verification of positive materials for circular systems in the built environment.

Lewis Perkins, President of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, kicked off the event with an opening talk where he described the context in which Built Positive was formed. “We started the Built Positive initiative as a way to aggregate and collaborate with many of the key influencers and stakeholders in the built environment, to build a conversation around the Cradle to Cradle® design thinking for buildings.”

Guest speakers representing a host of different industries were then invited to engage in an open dialogue about the importance of building positive. Owen Zachariasse, from Delta Development Group, which specializes in creating Cradle to Cradle®-inspired developments, shared his perspective: “As a developer, Built Positive is extremely important to us. We are excited about the way the conversation is evolving to be a much more systemic and holistic view. Built Positive is connecting the value chain through a number of different stakeholders in order to create these positive projects.”

Hans Goverde, Kraaijvanger Architecten, the architect behind Venlo City Hall, spoke about the role Built Positive will play in stimulating the green building movement. “Built Positive is a platform to commonly develop ideas and bring those ideas to the outside world, because together we are strong. There is a lack of awareness of what circular, Cradle to Cradle®, healthy buildings can offer to people. Built Positive provides an opportunity to raise this awareness and bring a clear message to the people.”

Following the panel discussions, the attendees were introduced to the key concepts that define Built Positive. Thijs Maartens, Senior Engagement Manager for Europe, spoke in depth about the objective of the initiative and each interconnecting principle. The ambition for Built Positive is to bring together the entire value chain, from the molecule to the metropolis, and inspire architects, designers, and developers to start to build what is next. “We intend to build a movement that is collaborative, open, and accelerates innovation across the entire value chain.”

“What we believe is next are buildings that are designed for disassembly, that are built with healthy materials that can be perpetually cycled, driven by good policy incentives,” he said. “All in all, we are looking at the entire value chain, across the material, product, building, and governmental and systems level. Across these levels, we lay our six key concepts, on which we will create research questions that our specialists can answer.”

Over the past few weeks, Built Positive has been launched in a number of European countries. During a series of events, the co-creative movement has been introduced to the public in the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany. In the coming months, the Built Positive team and its members will work together to grow the movement and reach out to new stakeholders, actively seek cooperation, and share knowledge and expertise.

One of these steps will be to create an online guide to engage built environment stakeholders in the key concepts of Built Positive. The guide will accelerate delivery of these ideas to architects, developers, manufacturers, and other design professionals worldwide, inspiring them to push the boundaries of their thinking around the materials and products that go into their projects. The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute is currently seeking funding from partners for the development of the digital curriculum

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