C2C BIZZ project launched a C2C Inspired Game & Quiz

SRE, leadpartner of the Interreg IV-B project C2C BIZZ, developed a C2C inspired game and quiz. Both are part of the C2C BIZZ campagne “Rethink the way you do things”. The game ends with an overview of interesting C2C inspired projects on the C2C-Centre, depending on your answers during the game.

The game is about embedding the Cradle to Cradle principles on a business area and consist of 4 theme’s:

  • The area
  • Product development
  • The buildings on the area
  • Furniture of the building

The aim is helping people to think in another way about products. The game tracks the answers and makes interesting projects on the C2C-Centre interesting for you

Play the game!

C2C BIZZ is the collaboration of 11 European partners in the North Western area with the objective to enhance the implementation of Cradle to Cradle on new and existing business sites.

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