C2C BIZZ project presents two tools inspired by Cradle to Cradle

These tools are the Inventory and the Continuous Loops Tool.

The inventory is developed by SRE in collaboration with the C2C ExpoLAB and EPEA. This tool is meant to gain insight in the situation of an area development, especially for business sites. It is a questionnaire, with questions about stakeholders, finances, procurement and physical features. Each question is explained. The explanation shows the possibilities for Cradle to Cradle the question should address. In this way the tool is not only a way of defining the starting point, but also a source of inspiration. 

The continuous Loops tool is made the Institute for Sustainability in London and finalized by SRE. This tool is developed in cooperation with other C2C BIZZ project partners, like the C2C ExpoLAB. This tool is a database for companies to add their waste streams and the resources they need. In this way matches can be made between companies and resources can be exchanged. The tool does not focus on one time matches, but on continuous cycles, to keep resources in circulation. The tool is meant to be applied on defined business sites. A park manager is needed and gets his own account to invite the companies on his business site. Companies can view each others offers and demands, the park manager creates the matches. 

The Continuous Loop Tool is first meant for the C2C BIZZ pilot sites, but can of course also be used for other business sites. We are familiar with similar tools, which are already available, but the focus on continuous loops in our tool is different.


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