C2C Experts talks Milan 2015


Source: C2C Products Innovation Institute

September 30th, 2015, 9am to 5.30pm + networking in Milan

Driven by the success of the 2014 talks in Vienna, EPEA Switzerland presents, the expert talks 2015 in Milan, Italy!

EPEA Switzerland has put together a highly interesting pre-program on September 29th and has invited brilliant experts to present the very next day.

Ökonomie der Zukunft – economy of the future invites you to join the talks in Milan. Access is free, the participants number is limited to 100 participants.

Pre-program on september 29th:
. VIP Tour to the World Expo Milano
. Circular Economy in Fashion and Textiles at the Natural History Museum

Main program on september 30th:
. cradle to cradle© Expert Talks 2015
EPEA Switzerland will discuss 8 subjects to exchange experience and know-how: textiles, paper, plastics, wood, building marterials  buildings, public sector-healthcare-service providers, design and consumer goods.

Your participation will boost without doubt the event!

Register now – first come, first serve 

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