C2C inspired building, sport-centre Egerbos, now in use!

At Friday the 21th of November a Cradle to Cradle inspired building, named Egerbos, in the City of Venlo was officially opened. This is a sport-centre, which contains two sports halls.

One hall is rebuild and one hall is renovated, the complex is inspired by the Cradle to Cradle principles.

This building is used by Blariacum College (secondary education) and several sports clubs. Commissioned by the City of Venlo a design team consisting of architect 2.0 Architect, C2C ExpoLAB, Poeth advise and Rots Bouw designed this building focussing on the users and their wishes.

The sport-centre Egerbos in Blerick has several Cradle to Cradle ambitions, these are:

1. Use and generate green and clean energy;

2. Use healthy and save materials;

3. The use of functional green.

These ambitions are translated into a few Cradle to Cradle inspired elements. These elements will contribute to one or more C2C goals but, even more important, to the awareness of the scholars and users of the building.

Chairman of the board of the C2C ExpoLAB and Alderman of the City of Venlo, Wim van de Beucken, tells: “The sport-centre is a good example of the added value of the Cradle to Cradle principle”.  Bas van de Westerlo of the C2C ExpoLAB explains: “Green and the added value of green can be experienced by the users. Several C2C certified materials are used that are healthy and save. Thirdly, the building uses green and clean energy. Thereby we aim at continuously quality improvement for this building. Soon there will be a route within the building, which educates the users about the added value of the C2C elements of the building. Visitors will get a clear picture about the added values.”

One hall of the old building was not adhered to the current wishes.  The other one is renovated so it meets the current wishes. By disassembling one hall and building a new hall, the architect could change the location of the canteen so it became the central point of the building. The architect, Rob van Vugt, of  2.0 architects explains more: “The new hall is lower than the ground and the renovated hall. This is done so it will be will separated from the other hall and space is created for situating the canteen between both halls as a central point. Due to this, the building uses natural cooling, both halls have natural light and the building fits within the neighborhood, which is small scale.”

The sport centre has a green façade, and thereby a green character. By doing so the building fits better within the neighbourhood and the neighbours will have a view on green. Green is not only used for the perception but also for the air quality, water balance and energy use. Alderman Henk Brauwer tells “These buildings are inspiring for children and sportsman, the added value of the circular economy can be experienced and we create a new generation which will do the good things for people, planet and profit..

 More information about this Cradle to Cradle inspired building will soon be showed at the C2C-Centre using this link.

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