Carnegie Introduces Revolutionary Biobased Xorel™

New York, NY — Leading textile manufacturer Carnegie is pleased to announce a revolutionary breakthrough with its Xorel product line. After seven years of research and development, Carnegie introduces the innovative Biobased Xorel—the first high-performance interior textile in the world with a majority of plant-based content.

The rollout begins this month with six products, including the re-launch of three classic, popular patterns Strie, Nexus, and Dash. Three new patterns—embroideries Abacus and Topiary, and embossed design Veneer—are also part of the Biobased Xorel launch. Between them, the six designs are offered in a range of 91 colorways. Remarkably, there are no discernable visual or performance differences from existing Xorel products. They offer the same beauty, durability, cleanability, and longevity that the Xorel brand has been delivering for more than 30 years.

This major breakthrough boasts an impressive 60 to 85% bio content, depending on pattern, though the U.S. government standard requires only 25% to carry the biobased label. Moreover, the derivation of these polyethylene yarns from plant-based sources as opposed to fossil fuels ensures that the product has a significantly reduced carbon footprint. Fully vetted through third-party certifiers, Biobased Xorel has achieved Gold Level Cradle-to-Cradle certification and contributes toward LEED points in multiple categories including renewable materials and indoor air quality.

“Carnegie has been committed to raising the bar in creative materials that combine performance, design, and sustainability,” says Cliff Goldman, President of Carnegie. “We’re extremely proud to have developed this product that looks and performs exactly like the original Xorel, proving that enhanced sustainability doesn’t have to trade off beauty and durability.” 



Biobased Xorel Fact Sheet


- Constructed of 60 to 85% (depending on pattern) bio content derived from sugar cane plant

- Sugar cane production has lower carbon emission rates, compared even with beet or corn production and many other biobased sources

- For each ton of sugar cane used to produce Biobased Xorel, 2.5 tons of carbon is captured and sequestered

- Has attained Cradle-to-Cradle Gold certification and SCS Indoor Advantage Gold rating

- All environmental claims are third-party certified and verified through more than 60 independent tests

- Product contributes to LEED-CI (Commercial Interiors) categories: Rapidly Renewable Content, Indoor Air Quality, Material Transparency, and Material Optimization

- Product can be returned to Carnegie at end of useful life for recycling or waste to energy conversion 


- Six Biobased Xorel designs in 91 colorways are currently offered: the classic  Strie, Nexus, and Dash, new embroideries Abacus and Topiary, and new emboss pattern Veneer

- No tradeoff in appearance or performance for the enhanced sustainability

- Just as with the original Xorel, Biobased Xorel products can be applied for wallcovering, panel or upholstery use

- Proprietary X-Protect backing enables end user to clean the product aggressively and with a wide range of cleaners including diluted bleach

About Carnegie

Carnegie is a leading manufacturer and innovator of textiles in North America.  Since 1950, the family-owned company established a tradition of firsts, including the development of its own Xorel® fabrics, which provide a durable alternative to PVC materials and is included in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution.  In addition, it has built a reputation for its ongoing and comprehensive commitment to the environment through all parts of its business cycle.

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