The circulair model of the future is profitable!

Cradle to Cradle is not science fiction, in fact: it is a business opportunity that  more and more  project organizations and companies understand. As more project and organizations translate these ambitions into practice, the development in the chain will increase. Government and educational institutes play an important role. By innovating through the vision of Cradle to Cradle and circulair economy we can create positive impacts and added value. 

C2C ExpoLAB is a leading knowledge centre with specialty advisors enabling governments, architects, project developers and educators to accelerate innovation through the vision of Cradle to Cradle. Project can not only have significant cost savings and profit, but also provide added value to social and environmental level. This is the future we aspire, and practival examples prove that it is possible. 

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Bas van de Westerlo, specialized consultant built environment and Certified Cradle to Cradle Consultant at C2C ExpoLAB

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