Circular Economy Forum of the Americas, CEFA 2017


Event Title: Circular Economy Forum of the Americas, CEFA 2017
Event Location: Jardin Botanico, Medellin, Colombia
Event Date: November 29-30, 2017

Event Description:
The Circular Economy Platform of the Americas powered by the Americas Sustainable Development Foundation (ASDF), invites you to join the inaugural Circular Economy Forum of the Americas - CEFA2017!

CEFA2017, as the International Circular Economy Forum from and for the American Continent, will dedicate this inaugural year to trigger the regional discussions to shift away from our take-make-waste paradigms toward regenerative and restorative economies.

We believe that a Circular Economy transition will only be possible through an objective evaluation of the opportunities and through cooperation between different actors, nations, and regions that have already started undertaking action. Recognizing the context in North-, Central-, South America and the Caribbean are different, the objective of CEFA is to identify common trends and opportunities across the American Continent that unifies efforts to achieve a “Circular Conscious Continent”.  

The Forum brings together all Circular Economy pioneers, leaders, and early adopters next to senior government representatives, business leaders, entrepreneurs, senior researchers, and educators from the Western Hemisphere to learn and exchange Circular Economy (CE) knowledge and expertise with international counterparts and start the process of contextualizing the CE principles, solutions, and approaches to the realities, needs and opportunities in the region.

We look forward to meeting you in the city of eternal spring!

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