Come and see, feel and experience the potential of Cradle to Cradle for yourself

Besides the digital platform of the C2C-Centre, there is also a physical place where you can experience the potential of Cradle to Cradle.

The perfect setting for events

The only such space in europe, C2C-Centre offer a unique conference and meeting rooms concept that is fully inspired by Cradle to Cradle® and brings Cradle to Cradle® innovations from all over the world straight to your fingertips. 

Ideal for inspirational sessions and similar events, the main conference area boasts a magnificent products library of many products that have earned Cradle to Cradle® certification. 

It also provides readily accessible information about projects inspired by Cradle to Cradle®.

C2C inspired office furniture 

The C2C Centre is strategically located on the 6th floor of the landmark ‘Innovatoren’ building in the heart of a unique sustainable business park in Venlo, the Netherlands.

Both visibly and behind the scenes, the offices are equipped with state-of-the- art services and goods in line with the principles of Cradle to Cradle® and the ‘performance economy’ to a maximum level.

Further incentivizing our own suppliers to participate in the circular economy, all our furniture and appliances are provided under leasing agreements. 

 Read the conference space factsheet here!

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