Connection with C2C Marketplace is made for C2C products

C2C Marketplace and C2C-Centre have worked together to make a connection between the C2C products, which can be bought using C2C Marketplace, and the productlibrary of the C2C-Centre. You can find a button "buy online" on the right side of some product pages at the C2C-Centre.

For example:

-Brabantia bin, click here
-Jules Claryesse towels, click here.
-Cleaning products of Method, like this.
-Trigema clothing, click here.

Cradle to Cradle marketplace is a central online market place where people & businesses with a similar ethos can gain access to Certified Cradle to Cradle products & services, globally!

C2C-centre contains a product library (online and physical), the online product library contains al Cradle to Cradle certified product (groups).

Combining these two platforms ensures our visitors to have an overview with all Cradle to Cradle certified products and have a direct link to the C2C Marketplace where you can buy your Cradle to Cradle certified products.

If we miss a link to a Cradle to Cradle certified product (also if this one is not a the C2C Marketplace), please inform us via

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