Cradle to Cradle certificate for Axia® 2.0

Press release BMA Ergonomics b.v.

Office chair manufacturer BMA Ergonomics of Zwolle in the Netherlands has received the Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Bronze certificate for the Axia® 2.0 series.

The certificate was recently presented to Koen van Eig, Managing Director at BMA, by Hein van Tuijl, of EPEA Nederland. EPEA Nederland guided BMA intensively throughout the certification procedure. The certificate applies to the Axia® 2.1 – 2.4, fitted with the Smart Seating System and was issued by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

What makes these chairs so special is that the principle of recycling all materials is designed into the chair even at the development stage. By focusing on the use of safe materials, and thanks to the product’s modular construction, the chair is easy to assemble. This means only faulty/worn parts have to be replaced, giving the chair a fresh lease of life. Thanks to the Design for Disas- sembly principle, the materials can effectively serve as raw materials for new products without any loss of quality. Not only does this benefit the environ- ment, but means the materials retain their economic value in the process, too. BMA offers a residual-value guarantee of 50 euros for chairs that have reached the end of their useful life, regardless of the chair’s condition or age. Already, thousands of chairs are returned each year, with BMA giving 95% of these chairs or their materials a new and valuable use.

Smart seating for positive impact

The Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM office chairs have been fitted with the Smart Seating System. This unique system has integrated sensors that measure a user’s sitting habits. A vibration in the seat gives a user active feedback and indicates when he or she has been sitting for too long in an incorrect position.

The user’s posture improves, and as a result physical complaints are prevented. The user remains fit, even after a full day of having been seated. As such, BMA’s Smart Seating System has a positive impact on the user, which Hein van Tuijl, Managing Director EPEA Nederland the Cradle to Cradle Bronze Certificate.

About BMA Ergonomics b.v.

BMA has focused for decades on improving your seated posture at work. The company started in 1988 as Biomecha- nisch Adviesbureau. After a few years, it became obvious that there were not enough good ergonomic office chairs on the market. From that moment on, BMA has been developing and manufacturing such chairs itself. The three main principles are ergonomics, technology and sustainability. This has led over the years to a series of office chairs for various applications that encourage a proper posture, prevent neck and back problems and are socially responsible.


Note to the editors:

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