Design contest for the Circular Economy won by student C2C Master UT

The C2C Products Innovation Institute and Autodesk announced the winners of the Product Design Challenge. This Challenge tasked the participant to design a product with materials, which can return safely to the industry or nature.

Student of world first C2C Mastertrack UT received award

Tjitte de Wolff was awarded for the Best Student Project. Tjitte is a student of worlds first Cradle to Cradle master program of the University of Twente (the Netherlands) endowed by the City of Venlo and the C2C ExpoLAB. Michael Braungart is holder of this academic Chair, executed by Tanja Scheelhaase. 

Sponsored by the municipality of Venlo and C2C ExpoLAB for 5-years, this initiative provides a valuable opportunity to further encourage innovation in the region, and secure top talent in the field of Cradle to Cradle and sustainable innovation.

Since 2010 Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart is the holder of the academic chair Cradle to Cradle at the University of Twente in Industrial Design Engineering (IDE), with the first worldwide master specialization on Cradle to Cradle. It is a combined initiative of EPEA/Braungart consultancy, the University of Twente and endowed by the city of Venlo through the C2C ExpoLAB, executed by Dr. Tanja Scheelhaase.

About the design of Tjitte de Wolff

Tjitte designed the “Venlo Bag” as part of his assignment for this Master course. Tjitte is 23 years old and Master student Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Twente.

He designed a 100% biodegradable bag made from 99% recycled materials. This bag is meant to stamp out the pollution, which is cause by the use of the harmful plastic shoppers bags.

The demand for cheap, single-use shopping bags will still exist,” said de Wolff. “Therefore a Cradle to Cradle solution for plastic bags not only eliminates pollution, but also contributes to a healthy eco-system following the credo: do more good, rather than less bad.”

5 questions and answers about the winning design of Tjitte de Wolff.

1.What inspired your design?
My design was inspired by a documentary called plastic planet from Werner Boote and a report made by Vice news about the great pacific garbage patch. I also drew inspiration from a documentary about the importance of humus creation although I do not recall its precise title.

2. What is something that makes you excited for the future of sustainable design?
That simple and carefully considered products can be good for the planet instead of bad.

3. What does Cradle to Cradle mean to you?
Cradle to Cradle is a new way of thinking for me about design, products and consumption.

4. Why do you want to be part of the design-led revolution?
I want to be part of the design-led revolution because I feel it is the only way forward if we want to make sure that the coming generations will have a safe, healthy and beautiful planet to life on.

5. What challenges do you think products face in breaching sustainable design on a mass production/industrialized scale?
The main challenge I think is scepticism amongst large producers as they are not used to think in a circular way. However I feel this will change when sustainable design starts to show its full potential.

We congratulate Tjitte de Wolff with his great results.


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