Design Day, inspiring seminar and successful networking event at Park 20|20

The first seminar organised by 20|20 Experience Center was a resounding success. More than a 100 people were present for a selection of inspiring presentations from various architects and other speakers. The attendees were also able to receive further information at the 22 exhibitors stands which displayed their products throughout the FOX Theater. 
The 20|20 Experience Center aim with this event was to share knowledge and show how Cradle to Cradle is applied in practice. Several leading speakers in the field of Cradle to Cradle shared their vision of future developments. Following a welcome by Coert Zachariasse, representing Delta and Park 20|20 came a video message from William McDonough of William McDonough + Partners and then Hans Goverde of Kraaijvanger kicked off with an interesting design story relating to the municipal offices of Venlo. The whole building process was described from top to toe. Jeroen Grosfeld of N3O Innovative Design and Engineering continued with Park 2020 as example of a complete area development whose great appeal is created by the application of Cradle to Cradle philosophy. He explained a number of interesting developments and showed some equally interesting innovations. Francesco Messori, visionary from Ddock Design Development  presented another way of thinking in terms of the development of new living-and working environments. Steven Beckers – Lateral Thinking Factory, kept the audience intrigued by using more examples, as well as pointing out possible pitfalls within the applications. Jos Bogaarts – Buro Bogaarts interior design showed how diversity and Cradle to Cradle constantly featured and kept coming back in interior design.

The organisator of the Event was 20|20 Experience Center at Park 20|20, together with the participants of the 20|20 Experience Center was the whole day made possible. Company’s taking part on the day were: Ahrend, Desso, Interwand, Mosa, Forehand, Shaw, Led Lease, Copijn, DDock Design, Alcoa, Fornature, AGC, Mosterd De Winter, Rheinzink, Sikkens, Oranjedak, Espacio Solar, Rockfon, Armstrong, Enci, Mebin, Derbigum, van Houtum.

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