EPEA takes next steps in paper and printing

Source: EPEA

This announcement follows from the Davos 2015 Summit in January 2015 when the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) launched together with the World Economic Forum (WEF) and McKinsey three new Project Mainstream programs - one of them “paper and paperboard”, fashioned after the already-running EPEA paper and printing initiative.

EPEA welcomes the activity

EPEA welcomes the activity and is delighted to see those organisations following its leadership establishing design rules working today in the marketplace for paper and printing with EPEA’s frontrunner partners including dozens of companies and government agencies, ranging from multinationals like Carlsberg to small and medium enterprises like Gugler.

Co-development with Gugler to optimize inks, additives and paper

The co-development process with Gugler lasted for years to optimize inks, additives and paper together to generate the first publications which can be recycled and composted safely in industrial processes or burned without extra filters to remove toxic byproducts.

Design rules and processes like those are integrated in Circular Paper Communities to generate further savings. EMF, WEF and McKinsey members and clients are invited by EPEA to join its Circular Paper Communities. 

New partner activities

A paper and printing assessment program started between EPEA and a large national printing company in Germany and will be announced on 1. October 2015.

Examples of EPEA paper and printing initiatives with partners

  • Circular Paper Community with Steinbeis 
  • Green4Print – Emerald printing inks


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