Everything you need to know about the C2C Building group (C2C Bouwgroep).

After receiving three Cradle to Cradle certificates for weather seals for window and door constructions, DEVENTER Weather seals (Breda, Netherlands) became an ambassador for Cradle to Cradle.
They understood, from the beginning on, the necessity of working together to keep on innovate with Cradle to Cradle. That is one of the reasons why the C2C Building Group (Dutch: C2C bouwgroep) is founded.

Due to an enormous interest in this C2C Building Group we try to answer your questions in this blog.

What is the C2C Building Group?
The C2C Building Group consist of manufacturers who embrace the Circular Economy and have one or more Cradle to Cradle certificates. Together they want to build towards a circular economy based on the principles of Cradle to Cradle. In other words: doing the good things, in stead of less bad.
By working together they are better able to spread the philosophy of Cradle to Cradle and encourage others within the (Dutch) Building sector.

What does the C2C Building Group?
The C2C Building Group offers a knowledge platform for every company in the Dutch Building sector. They do this by sharing information and knowledge and learn from each other’s experiences.

Who is already involved in the C2C Building Group?
There are three categories in which the partners of the C2C Building Group can be divided.

1. Partners
This are manufacturers with one or more C2C Certificates. Having a certificate is not enough to stay in the building group. It is important that all partners have goals that lead to a better level of C2C Certificate within a certain time period. Thereby it is necessary to have a certain percentage of the total amount of products which is C2C Certified.
-DEVENTER Profielen (weather seals)
-PlanEffect (system walls)
-Daas Baksteen (bricks)
-Holonite (building products made of composite stone, such as window sills)
-Non Ignis (wooden products for indoor and outdoor walls, façade and ceilings)

2. Candidate partners
These are partners who are manufacturers trying to receive a Cradle to Cradle certificate within two years. When receiving this certificate they become a partner.
-Espero (mobile walls) (for example used at Park 2020)
-Verwol (interior builder, interior ceilings and walls)

3. Extraordinary Partners
Some companies who do not manufacture C2C products, but are related to activities of C2C in the Dutch Built environment, can also join the C2C Building Group. A role within the group must have added value for the C2C building group and the extraordinary partner itself.
-C2C product Innovation Institute
-C2C ExpoLAB 

More to follow…

Who can join the C2C Building Group?
(1) All new potential partners need to fit within one of two categories for partner and candidate partner.
(2) You can only join this group if you are a manufacturer of products regarding skin of the building and determining indoor elements (like walls).
(3) It is also a boundary condition to have diverse manufactures within the group.

And then…
Every manufacturer of building products, who is interested to join, can contact the C2C Building Group. At invitation you can pitch your company to the C2C Building Group to convince the partners of the added value, hoping to join the group.

Where can I meet them?
On 17th of June the C2C Building Group will present themself at an event (more information about this event will follow at C2C-Centre).

In the autumn an event will be organized by the C2C Building Group, the C2C-Centre will keep you up to date.

Contact information

Chairman Kees Verweel of DEVENTER Profielen: +316 12 95 56 83

Written by: Eva Starmans 


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